My eyelids are heavy, but my thoughts are heavier.

my eyes are heavy

I haven’t slept in over 24 hrs. The end is near and it came at lightning speed. The heartbreaking part is that my son is aware of it. He’s in the final stage of this dreaded, awful disease. Without getting into gory details, this Cancer is doing a number on him. My oldest daughter & I have been bearing witness to it all. He’s withering away right before our eyes. He’s clearly suffering. He pleaded with me & told me he’s tired of it all; almost as if I could do something about it. I can only hope and pray that God will spare him any additional suffering and take him peacefully. No one should have to go out like this.

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Allied’s Wings

A negative mind will never give you a positive life. I decided to turn my sons death into a positive movement because I cannot allow his death to be in vain. I figured instead of being angry at life and the world (which was getting me nowhere) I’d start helping those less fortunate and help spread my sons message which is “take better care of yourself” I will happily share my journey here. 🤗❤️

One thought on “My eyelids are heavy, but my thoughts are heavier.”

  1. I love you. I love you all. He is the most fierce warrior I have ever known! And you are the strongest woman…mother…person, I have ever known. Praying hard for you ALL!! Just know that I’m here…when you are ready, I’m here. And sometimes, it’s okay to not be okay! Xoxoxo

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