“You need to trust your truth, it is your soul speaking directly to you.”

Do you trust your inner wisdom? Do you know your own truth or are you always second guessing yourself?

This is the year that I decided to start trusting myself….I mean REALLY trusting myself. I’ve been saying for months that I was gonna rid myself of clutter that no longer serve me including people…(especially people) and I did exactly that.

I started walking away from people that were filled with negativity and I kept my circle small. I spent enough years of my life getting rid of my own demons and I didn’t need anyone else’s clouding my judgement.

It was the most refreshing feeling in the world to rid myself of all the clutter that was weighing me down emotionally. When you know someone is not serving you no good purpose in your life the time to let go is soon rather than later.

There was no long drawn out speech, no drama, it was just exit door to the left. I’m at a point in my life where I don’t have the patience to argue with anyone. I’d rather just disappear.

That’s how I roll these days.

Published by

Allied’s Wings

A negative mind will never give you a positive life. I decided to turn my sons death into a positive movement because I cannot allow his death to be in vain. I figured instead of being angry at life and the world (which was getting me nowhere) I’d start helping those less fortunate and help spread my sons message which is “take better care of yourself” I will happily share my journey here. 🤗❤️

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